Ashworth University Distance Learning

Oct 28, 2010

Ashworth University is one of the most influential online schools, and is often used by business professionals and educators. It offers hard working individuals the opportunity to complete their degree program from the comfort of their home. Professionals who need to complete continuing education classes or earn a certificate to compliment their degree can enroll in distance learning classes online at Ashworth University. Ashworth offers a wide range of courses for individuals with any career interest. This is a nationally accredited university located in Atlanta.

Distance learning offers numerous opportunities for job placement, personal development, and career advancement. The university has over 100 active diplomas and degree programs for students to choose from. Admission is open year-round; there’s no waiting for enrollment dates or available seats. Individuals can set up a payment plan while registering for classes.

Unlike many other schools, Ashworth University offers interest free tuition. It has a toll free number that allow students to call in with any questions or concerns they may have. Ashworth currently offers certificate programs as well which can be completed in as little as six months. These certifications are specialized credentials that can be earned for specific skill enhancement or career change.

Ashorth University also offers an associate degree which is a 2 year degree that can be earned completely through distance learning classes. A student needs a minimum of 60 credits to earn this degree. The bachelor degree program is typically a 4 year degree requiring 8 semesters to complete, which can all be completed online. The masters degree is self-paced, as are the rest of their programs. Students can start school for less than one hundred dollars down, and continue paying interest free monthly payments.

There is no excuse for education taking a back seat any longer. Very few schools offer students the benefits of special discounts, interest free tuition, and distance learning. Many jobs require employees to return to school and receive some type of continuing education certificate. Ashworth offers single class certificates for on the job training.


western governors university

Western Governors University (commonly known as WGU) is a private, non-profit, online university with more than 20,000 students. A competency-based university, WGU has students in all 50 states, and offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Business, Teacher Education, Information Technology, and Health Professions, including Nursing. Western Governors University's Online MBA Ranked Among Top 10 Best Values by . WGU was awarded Best of State for Online Education in 2009 and 2010. The university’s president, Robert Mendenhall, was named 2010 CEO of the Year by Utah Business Magazine.

The University was founded in 1997 by a bi-partisan group of 19 western governors with the mission to improve quality and expand access to post-secondary educational opportunities. WGU enrolled its first student in 1999. It is notable for offering a unique competency-based learning model in which students earn their degrees by demonstrating competence rather than by accumulating credit hours by spending time attending classes. Students can use their work, academic, and life experience (combined with learning new skills) to earn a college degree. A variety of learning resources, including standard textbooks, simulations, and webinars, are available to help students develop the new skills and competencies they need to advance in their degree programs. In many cases students are able to accelerate their time to degree completion.


phoenix university online

The University of Phoenix (UPX) is a for-profit institution of higher learning. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apollo Group Inc. which is publicly traded (NASDAQ: APOL), an S&P 500 corporation based in Phoenix, Arizona.
As the university with a student body in North America second only to the State University of New York, it has a current enrollment of 420,700 undergraduate students and 78,000 graduate students,[2][3] or 224,880 full-time equivalent students.
The university has more than 200 campuses worldwide and confers degrees in over 100 degree programs at the associate's, bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels.
University of Phoenix has an open enrollment admission policy other than requiring a high-school diploma, GED, or its equivalent.

The school also provides associate's or bachelor's degree applicants opportunity for advanced placement through its Prior Learning Assessment, which, aside from previous coursework, college credit can come from experiential learning essays, corporate training, and certificates or Licenses.
The University of Phoenix is frequently cited as the most prominent example of for-profit colleges that operate primarily for the purpose of exploiting the government for educational subsidies.
Students of such schools often find their degrees to be not as highly valued by employers as those of traditional universities, Such students may be less likely to find the employment necessary to repay student loans.

from wikipedia


City University London

Oct 22, 2010

sually just known in the UK as City University, is a British university based in Northampton Square, Islington, London. The university has a research experience of over 100 years and has often been highly ranked for its graduate employability and graduate salaries. The University's mission, as outlined in its Strategy, is to "lead London in education, research and knowledge transfer for businesses and the professions". In the Autumn of 2010, The Collegiate Council of the University of London is set to consider City's application to join the University of London. A decision is expected before the end of 2010.


Oxford Brookes University

a new university in Oxford, England. It was named to honour the school's founding principal, John Brookes. It has been ranked as the best Modern University by the Sunday Times University Guide. It provides one of the largest Online MBA programmes in the world (30th) as ranked by the Financial Times Listing.

Oxford Brookes comprises eight schools:
School of Arts and Humanities
School of the Built Environment Business
School School of Health and Social Care
School of Life Sciences
School of Social Sciences and Law
School of Technology Westminster Institute of Education


University College Birmingham

a university college in Birmingham, England. It is an affiliated university college of the University of Birmingham and as such all undergraduate and postgraduate degrees studied at University College Birmingham are awarded by the University of Birmingham. The college is located in central Birmingham and offers both vocational education and academic education (both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees). The university college specialises in the areas of hospitality and the culinary arts, hairdressing and beauty, tourism, business enterprise, marketing, business management, accounting, finance, events management, sports management, sports medicine, sports therapy and Early Years education.


Australian Universities

Aug 6, 2010


Study in Australian Universities and Colleges, one of the best universities in terms of technical and technology.

There are university libraries and a large courtyard for entertainment and restaurants to doctors and students.

There are many, and also to colleges such as computing, medicine, economics, science and engineering.


Manchester Metropolitan University

Jun 16, 2010

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) is a university in North West England. Its headquarters and central campus is in the city of Manchester, but there are outlying facilities in Cheshire. It is the third largest university in the United Kingdom in terms of student numbers. It is a member of University Alliance and is classed as a new university.

On 1 January 1970 Manchester Polytechnic was formed by the amalgamation of Manchester College of Art and Design, Manchester College of Commerce (founded 1889) and John Dalton College of Technology. On 1 January 1977, the polytechnic merged with the Didsbury College of Education and Hollings College, and on 1 January 1983 with City of Manchester College of Higher Education. In 1987 the institution became a founding member of the Northern Consortium. Having previously been a local authority institution, the polytechnic became a corporate body on the 1st April 1989, as allowed by the terms of the Education Reform Act 1988. It was granted university status as "Manchester Metropolitan University" by the Privy Council on 15 September 1992 under the provisions of the Further and Higher Education Act, 1992. The university absorbed Crewe and Alsager College of Higher Education on 1 October 1992 and the Manchester School of Physiotherapy in 2003.

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